Big thank you peoples. Awesome August guys.

Well, what happened to Summer?  I'll tell you what happened. It came and went faster Justin Gatlin's 100 metre final or any hopes that Trump may be just a bad dream due to too much festival food.  So before he annoys Korea too much can I firstly say THANK YOU to the wonderful people of BRISTOL and YORK. Over the last two days performing to 145 people was a privilege and an honour and I am really grateful for you to come out to watch a tubby bald stranger moan about the world of teaching. My 'Twenty years of teaching, one angry rant' show has now been performed to nearly 500 people ( London, Epsom, Deal, Hastings, Dundee, Broughty Ferry, Bristol and York) and with one more sold-out show on the horizon at the Epsom Playhouse I have been having a ball. It's always great to play in such lovely places such as Clifton and taking the family to York was an awesome experience. What an amazing city to be in. Although Lee and the boys went to the chocolate factory whilst I attempted to feed my ego on stage, the Vikings museum was a treat in itself, especially the reconstucted Viking village. It reminded me a little of a Wetherspoons I once visited.

The great news is, as the Epsom Playhouse (Myers Theatre) is my last show on this tour I have the incredible Rhodders and Sarah Iles to support me. It will be a blast and October can't come quick enough. See you guys there. Also I've had the privilege to host the LIVE EXPRESSIONS FESTIVAL in Tunbridge Wells and just been asked to host PROGTOBERFEST with some of the greatest bands around in a landmark venue in London (The Bedford), especially THE GIFT who are incredible. Tickets on sale on my home page.

I am now working on my 2018 tour which is based on my love of music, especially rock music. Spending all my adult life defending the fact that I love rock music whilst people are buying AC/DC pyjamas and Guns N  Roses T-shirts purely for fashion reasons has made my decision easy. I am currently looking at venues and believe me, this won't be a simple stand-up tour. Let's call it a stand-up/spoken word/rock experience tour. I'll keep you posted of course.

And of course I'll see some of you hopefully at the Clapham North pub opposite Clapham North tube station in Clapham North on the 31st August where I will be running my third FREE night of comedy. Although free I would recommend to book a table as it was a full house last month. 8pm start.

So, to conclude you guys are incredible and thank you from the bottom of my slightly fat deposited due to too many burgers, heart for supporting LIVE comedy and entertainment.

Thank you all. Be happy, stay safe and take care of each other.