Easter, Epsom and Oysters

Well here we are lovely peoples.

The Easter Holidays have officially begun and there is ONE more sleep until my SOLD OUT gig at the Epsom Playhouse (Myers Theatre). Whoop whoop. However to all you beautiful people coming to the gig remember that Epsom isn't in a zone, nope not even Zone 6 so you must purchase a ticket first. "What?" I hear you ask, "I can't even use my Oyster? Where is this? Narnia?". And to make matters worse not even can't you use your oyster, they never let you pay the difference. The ARMY of transport police and ticket inspectors in that station will charge you a full £20. I know, criminal right? In fact, if you could pursuade the smug mass army ready to steal your money to come to my gig I would be the richest comic ever.

So don't be stung. For you £20 is a lot of money, for me I don't want to be trying to make just under a hundred people laugh whilst they have a strop on because South West trains and Southern trains have fleeced them more efficiently than a pickpocket in Barcelona.

So remember it's NOT in a zone and your Oyster won't work! Ladies and gentlemen ..the countryside.

But on a positive note I have the INCREDIBLE Andy Quirk warming you guys up - the man is a genius and also THE MONKS are to perform a set. The funniest duo I have ever seen. And YES that does include the Krankies, Cannon and Ball, Ant and Dec and Nicola and Theresa.

So happy April Fools day, have a FAB Spring and keep smiling and yet again thank you all for all your support. You guys rock my world. See you tomorrow and if not soon...

Take care, big love PETE K MALLY