Hello there lovely peoples.

Can I just say THANK YOU. I couldn't be happier. My first gig - basically an hour rant of teachers and teaching, dabbing and bottle-tossing was thoroughly enjoyable thanks to you COLOURHOUSE THEATRE crowd and the incredible GINGERS who supported me. I cannot wait to get to the editing suite to look at the footage and work on that. I'm also very much looking forward to taking the gig around the country. Whoop Whoop. You guys have made a bald tubby Scotsman very happy.

I'll be in Islington tomorrow evening and then Battersea Thursday. Then Saturday 25th February it is  the official BOOK LAUNCH of Resurrection Mill together with the incredible Andy Gibbons new E.P (which was playing during the interval yesterday) It will be at the Cavendish, Stockwell. If you're free get down there. FREE ENTRY.

Anyway just a quick thank you and BIG LOVE. You guys rock my world.


Pete K Mally