Live Laugh Rock

´╗┐´╗┐Hello you lovely lovely people. 

The Winter is creeping up, the Christmas adverts have welcomed us with full force, everyone's an expert on Zimbabwe, the government's in turmoil, Trump still holds the top position and Gregg's are in trouble for replacing Jesus Christ with a sausage roll.

The Live n Loud 2018 has now been confirmed with (hopefully) some exciting news in the pipeline - I'll keep you guys informed as soon as I know. Tickets are ON SALE now for the tour and please grab one or more as soon as possible. I am pleased to announce that the incredible band AT THE SUN and old mates THE GINGERS are supporting me, with other great comedians too. This tour is simply, going to be a blast.

Thank you for THE GIFT for giving me the opportunity to host PROGTOBERFEST2, the bands where exceptional - HABU, THE RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE, THE FAR MEADOW and the immense IT. The GIFT headline set was incredible.

My new tour is for comedy fans and music fans alike, talking about my love of rock music, justifying why the world needs Bon Jovi, and why rock music is indeed medicinal in these strange, strange times. 

Tickets on sale - 

Looking forward to see you all soon. Stay safe, stay happy and keep smiling my friends