Love is in the air

Hello there peeps.

Well so far the year has been good right? Snow, not snow. Lady Gaga and the Patriots showed the world what bouncability was.  And let's not forget Trump. In fact, yes - let's try.. February in K Mally Land is going to be incredible. The release of RESURRECTION MILL has been a success and books are flying off the shelves or more precisly landing gently and steadily into the hands of these warehouse workers. I do hope you guys are enjoying the adventures of Mr Geordie Mill. If you haven't bought one yet make sure you get onto amazon where it is available on both Kindle or paperback. Many of us like receiving flowers or jewellery on Valentine's Day but research has shown that getting a book about 19th Century grave-diggers in Scotland has the best impact. You want to keep that love life on full steam? Get em' Resurrection Mill. (Think I might write that in a Hallmark card).

Also on the 18th February my LIVE show is FINALLY coming to town. So excited I just dribbled. FACT. For those who are coming I give you thanks in advance. The Gingers, the most dangerous band in Wimbledon will also be playing for your pleasure.

And then on the 25th February the OFFICIAL RELEASE of Resurrection Mill is happening in the wonderful Cavendish Arms, Stockwell. Readings will be performed as well as the release of the incredible Andy Gibbon's EP FIVE STONES ON THE WATER. Wow what an evening and it's going to be FREE ENTRY. I kid you not!

So I'm wishing you a great February and I hope to hear from you all soon .

See you NEXT WEEK.

Big love, big hugs, happy Valentines.

Pete K Mally