Mugwumps and May

Well hello peoples. Firstly can I say THANK YOU DEAL. What a great place you are. Last Friday I took my show 'Twenty years teaching, one angry rant' to Deal. A gig in a pub? Alarms bells may have been ringing until I set foot in it. One of the best bars I've seen, the beer was amazing and the punters where the friendliest bunch of people I could care to meet. The Taphouse Brewery Cafe was full and OMG it was AMAZING. Thanks to JB and Ruth who ran the evening flawlessly. Big love to you guys.

And now  the knives of the election are sharpening, day six and everyones favourite Brexiteer has already called Corbyn a "mugwump" (wtf!!) and I have a feeling things are going to get heated. Like kids in a playground, but without water bottles, dabbing and these bloody fidget spinners (please God take them away) these big children will taunt and tease for the next 6 weeks...

So I feel the perfect antidote is of course watching a tubby bald comedian ranting about his life. And well, what a co-incidence. Because I am doing an intimate gig on the 16th May in Sutton, bringing my show to Broughty Ferry then Dundee in June and York is now on sale for the 6th August. Hastings is also on the calendar as well as the semi-finals of the OLD COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR COMPETITION in early May at the museum of comedy.

So I will try to ignore the Mugwump taunts, the rhetoric of Trump and Korea and all the sh*t of the world and invite you to a stand-up gig. I won't change the world but I will make you laugh. And sometimes that's all we need.

Thank you for your continuing supoort. Please look at my website and buy a ticket for one of my shows if local to you. Looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you!