Resurrection Mill

"The rise of body snatchers means resting in peace is now a thing of the past..."

Well you lovely lovely peoples. My novel Resurrection Mill has now been unleashed into the world. And I do hope that you give it a read. It's a dark comedy set in 1824 Dundee, Scotland and the story builds around Mr Geordie Mill, a regular rogue and Doctor Paul McKeany a local teacher who is desperate to hit the big-time.

It's available NOW on and  for Kindle (£3.99)and in paperback (£8.99). The paperback will be released on Wednesday 1st February.

Alternatively please get in touch and I will send you a signed copy at £8.99.res.jpg


As Trump meets May, Trainspotting 2 has reached the cinema and I've managed another week dodging Piers Morgan I hope this new year is still fresh, exciting and just getting better. The snow has come and gone quicker than Sam Allardyce's England career but my beanie is still firmly on by bald head. Just the weather to lay on the settee and snuggle with a good book - Hey, I've an idea.

Also I do hope that you are coming to my gig on the 18th February - 'Twenty Years of teaching, One angry rant'. As we speak there are still some tickets available, I have the most dangerous rock band in Wimbledon 'The Gingers' supporting.

I also have the book launch at the Cavendish Arms, Stockwell - together with the long awaited EP frrom the legendary Andy Gibbons..more details to follow.

And THANK YOU for your support, the EPSOM PLAYHOUSE on the 1st April is sold-out and I am so so grateful.

Please take care of yourself, keep smiling and remember walls should be broken down and not built.

Thank you

Pete K Mally