Wooah! Hold on to your hats peeps - what a month. The General election was a complete arse, Scotland nearly scalped England and the gig front has been AWESOME.

Firstly thank you BROUGHTY FERRY and the Woodlands Hotel. Wow, what a reception. Eighty-five of you, old school mates, ex-teachers, mate's parents, neighbours. You guys were amazing. I was actually so so nervous but you guys put me at rest immediately. Even my Mum was in the crowd. She found it okay but I think she would have preferred Springwatch. The next day SHOTZ snooker hall in Dundee. Luis Alcada, who is an exceptionally funny and lovely man was my wing-man for both these evenings. What a pleasure to work with such a funny dude. Shotz was smaller but let's just the say the Venom and the clientele added to the atmosphere.

Last week I kicked off the Hastings Comedy festival. The audience were amazing. All six of them. Yeah, it could have been plugged a bit more but the audience was great. Thank you so much. Even the lady who chundered next to me on the train didn't darken my mood.

And this week, well it's the start of something new - comedy at the Clapham North pub, near Clapham North station. Thinking of calling it the Clapham North comedy club at the Clapham North pub next to Clapham North station.Catchy huh. It's a free evening and I have ten of the best London comics for free! What, free you ask. Yup. Come along 7.30 pm.

Next month I'm hosting the Live Expression's Treehouse stage but one month at a time huh. This excitement might get too much in this weather - scorchio..

Thank you Luis and the guys who have been with me for my comedic June journey. See you soon my friends.

Pete K Mally