Spring is in the air

Well what a month. The daffodils are blooming and Trump's been at it again with the accusation of McCarthyism (he was a great manager for Leeds), the Oscars got their envelopes in a pickle (I did it once and accidently sent a ransom note to my neice whose birthday it was) and Britain is trying to split from Europe, Scotland is trying to split from Britain and Ozil is trying to split from Arsenal. On a personal front I got engaged (whoop!) and my water pipes burst and short-circuited all my electricity. These two are not related but maybe they are, God works in mysterious ways....

Some of you will be out celebrating St Patrick banishing all the snakes by drinking Guinness and claiming Taytos are better than Walkers. Bit mean. A bird once crapped on me and I'm not banishing them. Well if they take Bill Oddie with them I do my best.

On the gig front, I am absolutely delighted to be hosting an evening of comedy in Wimbledon (23rd March) at the Old Frizzle. It'll be a shizzle in the frizzle with the best line-up in London. Hopefully see all you London peoples there!

The EPSOM PLAYHOUSE is sold out on the 1st April where I am bringing my one-hour show 'Twenty years of teaching, one angry rant' to Surrey. Thank you so so much.

On the 21st April I'm down in Deal, to deliver the funnies to Kent. Cannot wait for this - I can taste that sea air and real ales already,  with a few smaller gigs inbetween.

I have sold out more than 50% of my date on the 1st June in Broughty Ferry where I am bringing up my one-man show and I am so so excited to play at the Shotz Pool and Snooker Hall the next day. Friday nights don't get better than that!

So keep smiling lovely people, be good and let's hope the button isn't pressed, Britain doesn't kill each other and Dundee United get that promotion.

Have fun. Thanks for everything.