Welcome to 2017

Well peeps its 2017 and I hope we all have a bloody great new year. So far so good. This year already my EPSOM PLAYHOUSE (Notice the capital letters - how excited am I?) date for the 1st April is nearly SOLD OUT (Again - check out capitals). In 3 weeks time my novel RESURRECTION MILL is released into the world and let's hope it tops the Harry Potter series and that Bible book in sales (fingers crossed). It was be on sale from amazon, me directly and other book stores (some who may even pay taxes)

You've probably been at work for a few days now, so hope that turkey,sprout, left-over prosecco jumble has left your intestines and been flushed away like the bad vibes of 2016. If you are a teacher like me I've already had my fill of 'resilience' (try harder) and 'growth-mindset' (try harder) speak. Thankfully I can keep myself sane knowing that I have reached that age where I can eat fried eggs with my hands and can  dribble my tea (I'm 44 this year so I am more than allowed as I am not-so-slowly turning into that old miserable bast*rd who just doesn't care)

Also I am filming my LIVE DVD on the 18th February at the colourhouse theatre. If you want to be a part of this special event let me know and I'll sort you out for a ticket -fbook me or tweet me ( pete k mally or @pkermally5) I'm still uncomfortable with saying "tweet me" so apologies. It sounds like some orthinological porn movement)

All we need now is Dundee United to get promoted, Arsenal to win the Champions League, the Redskins to ensure a play-off spot for the 2017/2018 season and my hair to grow back. I'll take 3 out of 4. Oh and Piers Morgan to f*@k off. 4 out of 5 please.

Happy new year All.