2018 has for me been wonderful. Supporting the incredible WAYWARD SONS and THE LAST GREAT DREAMERS and co-hosting WINTERSTORM and DRUNKEN MONKEY has been a privilege. Together with my LIVE n LOUD tour it's been brilliant.

However 2019 will kick its ass. Personally I'm an amazing place and with hosting duties for CALL OF THE WILD, RAMBLIN MAN INTRO STAGE, DRUNKEN MONKEY and COMMUNION OF ROCK, together with hosting duties for LIVEWIRE YOUTH MUSIC, THE GIN ANNIE record launch and my own tour NOT IN MY DINNERTIME I have a feeling this will be the best year of this wee bald mans life.

With the shambles of Brexit and  the constant drivel of Trump we need to stay positive, stay happy and look after each other. Its about togetherness and I cant wait to see all of you in the year.

 Big love my friends