Exciting Times Ahead

Happy Weekend Peoples,

Its now nearly 50 days into 2020 and there’s exciting times ahead.

It’s been an ace 6 weeks or so, working away, I’ve already had the honour to host two amazing gigs – Stone Broken and Western Sand for Muttley’s Birthday Bash at the Iron Road and the first Dementia Fest of 2020 in Wolverhampton.


Resurrection Mill  has been selling well (thank you so, so much) and The Call is now completed. Yes, completed. My radio show is still every Saturday and next week I’m airing at interview with the Leigh Matty form the brilliant Romeo’s Daughter – so make sure you tune in to that. She’s amazing. – Tune in every Saturday www.mmhradio.co.uk 10am to midday.




The Call will be released on the 1st May but I will bring out a sneaky collection of copies when I hit the road on the ‘Self-help and sporadic hairs’ tour in April and May. Releasing a novel is always an exciting but nervous time. You put your heart and soul into these pages and prey that it’s not complete shit. But in the words of Margarita Gakis. “Finished crap can be edited. Unfinished greatness languishes forever.”

The Call, my new novel is based around this new wold of the resurgence of rock music. It contains the fictional classic rock band Raven Black Whiskey Stone and their rise to the top. It also contains cameos from many of my favourite bands in the UK rock circuit right now, so look out for them making an appearance – including Theia, The Rocket Dolls, Wayward Sons, Ryders Creed and so much more.  I’m very much looking forward to get it out there. The author proof copy gets delivered tomorrow so that will be a little brown trouser time in K Mally HQ.

I’m also writing my new set in preparation for my tour. I can’t wait to get back on the road with my new stand-up show. Please, grab your tickets if you can. I’m opening in Chester, then playing London, Stoke, Deal, Cannock and Burton. Lyndon Webb is my special guest and London as the incredible Guthrie and Shynne to join the party, Touring is always a nervous experience, getting bums on seats, paying booking fees etc but when you hear the laughter it’s always worth it. The tour starts in April and runs through to the end of May.  I’ll be 46 when the tour starts. I’ll be 47 when it finishes – exciting times indeed. Grab your tickets today if you can. Only a fiver- whooooo.

Next weekend I can’t wait to host RockPool in Blackpool and what an honour that will be. 10 bands but with the sensational Ravenbreed, Revival Black and Scarlet Rebels present – the talent in the Waterloo that night will be immense.


Bring on the chips, candy floss and rock and roll. And in the words of Marco Mendoza “Viva La Rock”




As the stand-up tour is shining it’s shoes and the new novel ‘The Call’ is on it’s final edit I thought I would share my thoughts on role-models and what bands should maybe aspire to.

To me, role models are vital. Someone to look up to, you can ask yourself, ‘What would they do?’. I think we all need someone to hold us to a higher standard

When I was a lad I spend the week living with my Mum and the weekends in Monifieth with my Dad. At the weekend we sat around and watched The Cosby Show’ Being from Zanzibar I thought my Dad had ‘black t.’v;. Yes my idiocy as a child may surprise even you. I loved the Cosby Show, I wanted to be Theo Huxley and just looked up at the man who played Theo’s wise father -Bill Cosby. I just wanted to grow up like him. A hero of mine, an inspiration. Cliff Huxtable had wisdom, charm, intelligence, humour and above all kindness.

Even as an adult I watched and re-watched all 8 seasons. Bill Cosby was the man I wanted to be, the man who would raise my standard.
Well, until we found out he was an utter sh@tbag. For someone I had never met, he had really let me down and re-evaluate my thoughts on the role-model. Are all talented inspiring people simply imposters in disguise? Can the use of the role-model only be used unless we scratch a little too much or dig a little to deep?

So fast forward many a year. I’m at the age of 44 and if I’m being truthful not particularly energised with my life, when Tony Jepson messaged me asking possibly if I could support The Wayward Sons as a stand-up comedian on their first UK Tour. I was teaching science and performing stand-up comedy but I was feeling at best average. I nearly fell of my chair. Toby Jepson, the main man, another role-model of mine. The man I had watched on stage with Van Halen. The dude who I queued up in Tower Records to get my t-shirt signed. I was (and still am) a massive Little Angels fan, seeing them umpteen times including the Royal Albert Hall and their Download re-union. I remembered rushing through the Download crowds to see his acoustic set before Twisted Sister hit the other stage. I remember watching Product of the Working Class on Raw Power thinking , “hell yeah – give me a spanner!”.I was even a Wayward Sons fan – actually having a ticket for the London gig in my pocket and watching in awe as they stormed Ramblin Man’s Rising stage.

Supporting The Wayward Sons? Christ on a Bike. This was special indeed!
But then I thought of Bill Cosby. The disappointment of realising it was all a facade. I had been fooled and in the words of a song, in which Little Angels covered so well, I thought I won’t get fooled again. Did I really want to never listen to Toby again? How many times did I put on the live tracks on side B of the Jam album and belt out Young Gods and ‘She’s a little Angel’. I must have listened to Boneyard, Kickin’ up Dust and ‘ Too Much Too Young a million times. Was I prepared to be disappointed in another role-model, and believe me – this dude was.

For 2 weeks and ten dates in 2018 I did support the Wayward Sons. Touring with Toby Jepson, Dave Kemp, Phil Martini, Nic Wastall and Sam Wood alongside Peter Turner and Sam Hoxley, Geoff Gibson and Nige Crooks – spending all day, every day with these talented cats. Sharing the splitter van, many a pint and many a chat. They taught me life lessons such as placing the word ‘anal’ in front of every caravan name Trust me motorway journeys will never be the same again. Honestly, I don t believe there is a bunch of talented men in the world as nice and as kind as them in the world. If so, I doubt I will meet them in my forty or so years left on this planet.

What a tour is was, what a time. The band’s attitude is reflected in their fan base, or family to be precise. The warmth and desire that goes into every show is mirrored in the audience. And believe me when I say, the Sons love their fans as much as the fans love them. It was life changing for me for many a reason. I met Ruth, I learnt how to dodge paying hotel breakfasts and I learnt that inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility. And guys such as the Wayward Sons not only supply banging tunes but inspiration endlessly.
Who needs a role-model? I do, and my advice to many a band out there is you could do far worse than look at The Sons to fill that post.

Rock and Roll and Kindness
Pete K Mally


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