2021 The year of Inspiration

2021. It’s not a yet a week in and more there’s been more happening than backstage at a Motley Crue concert. There’s this pesky virus which has taken the stage and stole more attention that Gemma Collins and over the pond. America has its issues. Trump has represented that wee kid who doesn’t get his own way so takes his football and the goalposts home, and we have met online the experts of everything through vaccine handouts to immunology to education matters.¬† However it WILL get better. The experts now have three vaccines, I’ve not seen Bono for a year and I am witnessing the best NFL season I have ever seen.

Over last year I begun writing my book INSPIRE. I felt guilty that I feel positive and hopeful mostly so I asked myself about this. I realised that I have tricks and techniques I have developed over the years -that to me work. I’m not saying I don’t have blips along the way – I was told in October /November that my work wasn’t good enough and it hit me for six. However I re-focused, brought to the front my core-beliefs and re-established my techniques. And with these I’m back. Back walking up every morning at 5am with a spring in my step and happy to be alive in this currently very cold world.

I interviewed people who I find Inspiring from the music world – heroes of mine who have inspired me. Legends such as Ricky Warwick, Nathan James, Myke Gray, Bruce Dickinson, Nic Wastall, Bruce Watson from Big Country as well as amazing individuals whose gifts of music are priceless – Verity White, Imogen Rosemary, Karly Jewell, The Last Great Dreamers, Berty Burton, The Lamleys Dan Byrne, Brad Marr to name but some. I asked them what inspires them and in doing so I got even more motivation.

With all this positivity in my head I decided to take it online. I was frankly annoyed with the moan brigade -how dare Bon Jovi cover a song, how dare they get rid of Dad’s Army, these people or those people need to be shot, what – a couple are walking around with a costa in their hands- string em up!!!

It was time to share our positive stories, our souls. To give our gift of happiness and joy. And so the group Inspire began and the posts have been truly inspirational.

There is more good out there than  bad. The empty can rattles the most and we hear it louder that it all. Inspire the group is changing that.

Join the group, buy (or read for free) the book, listen to music, get some exercise, watch the snow and remember the world is a great place. It’s more Dave Grohl than Donald Trump. It’s more Rustie Lee than Katie Hopkins.




Rock Roll Kindness