Hello there,
First and foremost I sincerely wish you are all well. I hope you are finding these times bearable and you and your family are keeping healthy. I am working a little when required , heading into school once or twice a week but mainly keeping busy.
Without sounding too much like that woman priest off the telly or the Archbishop of Canterbury I find this time a good time to reflect. Maybe I do too much I think, and when this is over I have no doubt I will go back and hit life at 150 mpoh without taking a breath or smelling the flowers (which I don’t do anyway as I’ve hayfever).
However I am learning something new and rekindling my interest in space missions. Documentaries and books on the Apollo Missions are bringing out my inner-geek. I recommend it!
Also as well as jigsaws (always swear by them) I listen to an album a day. in which kind of passed me by. You know the album that you haven’t got the time to put in the work so yet haven’t reaped the rewards. (In may case, The Getaway by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Cosmos Rocks by Queen).
Anyway this message is to say THANK YOU. Thank you for purchasing THE CALL. It’s been lovely for me to get positive reviews and messages about the book. It’s set in my world of rock bands and festivals and is a light-hearted comedy, which hopefully will bring a bit of light relief in this time.
And sorry for my tour cancellation. When it goes ahead I will make it FREE for all punters. I just wanna hang it out with you guys over a beer and a packet of Discos.
Stay in touch.
This will pass.
Rock Roll Kindness
Pete X