BlitZ ‘Fight to Survive’ Album review

Music is memories. I listen to Just Push Play from Aerosmith and I don’t think it’s not as powerful, catchy or good as Pump or Permanent Vacation. I reminiscence about sitting in the Hard Rock Café in Melbourne over a pint of VB listening to it premier. Appetite for Destruction reminds me of me blasting out My Michelle from an amp in my bedroom. Fast forward to August 2040. I’m a 67-year old dude looking back at 20 years ago. I might be thinking of the mask-wearing public, the lack of gigs, the fear and confusion of the pandemic crisis of twenty years ago. But I think I’ll hear the opening of Breaking Out or 99 Ways and think about the time that Blitz’s Fight to Survive hit my earlobes. And by god, I will smile. Because music like this engulfs the politics and the socioeconomics and reminds us why the Earth is a great place to inhabit in 2020.

Kicking off with One In a Million sets the scene perfectly. It hooks you in quicker than Pamela Anderson’s bosom in Barb Wire and doesn’t let you go. The guitar solo forms together seamlessly with its great chorus. Blood Brothers soon enters the fray and buy now you know the next hour or so is going to move quicker than Theresa May in a wheat field. Damage is Done follows Waiting For a Miracle and the pace doesn’t drop. In fact, Damage is Done is a killer of a tune that strongly requires a further crank of the volume knob. This would fit comfortably on any Rock compilation CD and should be included in everyone.

The first single Breaking Out which by now is lodged in my brain as firmly as my love of Discos is followed by the title track of the album Fight To Survive. Party Time holds the tradition of bourbon drinking parties at the pool, birds, booze and bad language then the beautifully crafted Never Surrender soon follows at its rowdy heels. The album’s end track Rock Show finishes on a high, very apt at this time of Covid cancellations but not before 99 Ways and Dance Of Fire– two further outstanding tracks.

BlitZ are the real deal. Let’s get that straight. Welcome to the Rock Show was ace but this album was built on a foundation of hard-graft, relentless work, great attitudes and a mountain of talent. They are a band who bring it live. The attitude is there for all to see but above all, my god they are very spectacular indeed.

Do yourself a massive favour and on August 21st go purchase Fight To Survive. The album artwork itself is awesome but the energy that goes into it from Kevin Simpson, Stuart Corden and Matt Davis is a thing of beauty. Well done boys. Give yourself a massive pat on the back. The world is a better place with BlitZ in it.


2020 is gonna be an awesome year. Yes, my new novel THE CALL is released. Yes, I’m hitting the road for my stand-up tour in April and May. And yes, more amazing music will be delivered by these super-talented musician types. One of these who fall in the latter category is THE CITY KIDS.

And trust me when I say this album and band are going to be the antidote for flooding, the corono-virus and Trump’s annoyingly upside down mouth.


THE CITY KIDS consists of;

DAVE SANDERS on the drums

Dave Sanders. The man, the myth, the Cumbrian cat with the hat on the sticks. There’s not a happier drummer on the planet apart from when Lars Ulrich was winning his battle against Napster. Mr Sanders , the drummer of Falling Red is quite simply a superhero. In 2019 he helped Theia out for many of their tour dates and in the same year he bought me a beer. What a legend! With Dave perched on the throne The City Kids have got a rhythmic heartbeat as strong as an ox, as reliable as Jurgen Klopp and as tireless as the Duracell bunny, but way, way cooler.

BERTY BURTON on bass duties

Mr Burton. What Angus Young is to the guitar, Berty Burton is to the bass. The Tigertailz, Popestars, Demon Speed bassist who brings joy, musicianship and a sense of theatre every time that grin hits the stage. With performing bass duties for Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters Mr Burton makes Flea look like a cardboard stationary cut-out. I first saw the alchemist Berty Burton playing bass for The Last Great Dreamers and he simply made me happy. Very happy. I felt it was 1991 again and I was against the barrier trying to get Steve Harris’s attention. But Burton smiles more. And doesn’t need to wear shorts.

DENNIS POST guitar and vocals


Dennis Post. The Dennis Post. Yes Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, brothers and sisters. Denis Post from Warrior Soul is not only in the house but firmly on guitar and vocal duties and that means one thing. Rock and Roll. That could be two things. It doesn’t matter. What matters is Dennis Post – yes, Dennis Post is on board. Many people in the world would like to be handled like of Post’s axes. The guy is a Don. Storm Dennis? Absolutely, but this storm isn’t just hot wind (see what I did there?), Storm Dennis is one of the coolest, most talented and aw-inspiring guitarists out there. And believe me, he will blow you away. Fences wont be falling. Your belief of normality will be when you hear the magical sounds he can make with that damn guitar.

JJ WATT guitar and vocals

The City Kids is JJ’s brainchild. And anything that spawns from JJ is either going to be a horrendous unfathomable devilish disaster or a work of utter genius. Thankfully The City Kids is the latter. Unfinished business is never nice, a wise man once said that. Possibly Jon Bon Jovi. But this time the world would be grateful as JJ’s unfinished business with The Main Grains meant in 2020  The City Kids would be spawned and dominate the globe. With a combination of well-structured brilliant songwriting with a glorious sound that makes you feel the need to down a bottle of bourbon whilst saluting the world, JJ has made a monster. A monster of creative genius. The V+A museum is now the second most artistic cultural hub of Dundee. JJ Watt is the first. The thought of seeing JJ, cap over his eyes, Newcastle Brown next to him, singing and playing The City Kids material live will be like that first cup of tea in the morning after a kebab the night before. Simply sweet.


Look out for THE CITY KIDS forthcoming album Things That Never Were out soon

JJ appears in THE CALL – The novel – available now for pre-release