Hello. Hope you are well….

Well, my friends its been a while.

Just a quick note to say hi and hope you are all staying healthy, happy and behaving (this is optional).

My 2021 Tour is fixing up nicely, and from Somerset to Glasgow it’s looking like a helluva tour. I can’t get wait to get on that stage again, the writing process is fun but there’s nothing like making an audience laugh. Together with music festivals, comedy festivals and some very special one off gigs it is indeed something to look forward to.

In fact to try out some new material I am looking at releasing wee 5 minute stand-up shows every Friday. Well, more like sit-down. So I will hopefully see you all this Friday for Episode 1. I’ll be on facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media platforms (but not Tik Tok cause I don’t know what it is)

And thank you for buying The Call and Resurrection Mill – I am very grateful indeed.

Right, my tea’s ready so I’m off.

Big love


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