Good day y’ all.

Lockdown has been a bitch – indeed it has. And over the past 6 weeks we have, indeed slowly been allowed out to play. For me, I was invited to host an online/live hybrid event by the great rock band Shyyne at the KK Steelmill in Wolverhampton. Shortly I compered the Smoke On The Water Fest, including a small comedy set (or two). I then took my one-hour show to London for two shows in the same day, followed by hosting the wonderful Savfest then a gig at one of my heroes  gaff – Bloomfield Square and lastly by kicking off the show at The Station with Theia and Verity White.

First and foremost I am truly honoured for the opportunity to perform in such events. A comedian – hell a RUSTY comedian at music festivals is always a curveball so just being a part of it is insane.

Savfest is a beautiful gig and is build around an amazing yet vital charity – Ians  Chain. The work Alan Savill and Wendy Savill do is incredible beyond words. What an honour it was to be a part of it. The bands shone, the venue rocked but the punters smiles (and tears) were gifts that cannot be bought. I met new friends there, discovered new bands and if honest drank a bit too much.

Over lockdown I have followed Verity White online. Her work is amazing and her online gigs over the grounded season where like being hit in the face with a wheelbarrow of Starbursts. So with Verity and Al joining me in London, catching them again at Savfest with Thirteen Stars and then again at the Station was a delight. Especially at the Station where I believe we have witnessed the start of something slightly new from them but more importantly star-spangled awesome. One of the best musical sets I have witnessed since Prince in Greenwich.

London was incredible and together with V+A ( there will be museum named after Al and Verity one day) Nalin Dissanayake also took the stage. A stand-up comedian who deserves to be on every television channel and show going – what a star. One of the funniest f@ckers I have worked with.

Otley was another beast of a gig. Roger Poulter and Alex Leam – two great comedians and two great guys performed alongside me. Again if you had told me I would be performing to Tony Wright from Terrorvision and singing to his mum I would have laughed at you. As Forrest Gump said, and  I may be paraphrasing here “Life is like a box of chocolates – then you perform to your rock star heroes.” -Go visit Bloomsfield Square for a brew – it’s incredible.

And finally I am just back from The Station, opening up for Verity White and Theia – which was Paul’s last gig. Hearing songs for the last time, witnessing stage invasions and seeing the rock family again, in one of the best venues in the UK was beautiful, It even made up for the shitty hotel that wouldn’t allow us to eat in the lobby at 2 in the morning.

Over these few gigs have I been happy with my performances? No. No, I haven’t.  Not one bit. But I have now reached the stage that I don’t think that matters. What matters is that I make people smile. Or smile wider. Life is short and if someone once describes me at my funeral as “he may have been a dick – but he made me laugh once” – I’m happy.

So to everyone over the past three or four weeks who I performed with, who I shared a beer with, a chat, a hug I would like to say THANK YOU.

Crazy Cowboy 5 and 6 is next and then many a rock festival including The Wildhearts, Rockin The Bowl, Winterstorm, The Mayors Fest and so many more.The one-hour set has been put to bed and it was lovely getting it out there you will be pleased to know.

THANK YOU. Remember rock n roll is awesome but kindness is more awesome. I think Confucius said that.

PETE xxx

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