The Autumn Killers – Dancefloor Mayhem EP – review


Well, what a year it’s been. 2020 was meant to be the year that that all new year resolutions were kept, my diet was superb and Arsenal won the league.  Unfortunately the mischievous virus got in the way and put a raging halt on all proceedings. Well, most proceedings. Thankfully The Autumn Killers managed to release their Dance Floor Mayhem  EP without the virus pandemic getting in its way.

The EP is a breath of fresh air, five new tracks. The EP begins with Chains. Warning: Chains is an ear-worm and you’ll be humming the riff to it from now on in.  A song based on a bad relationship, this is a stonker of a song to kick off proceedings. Next up, FightFight could belong in a  TV series soundtrack. It has that U2/Simple Minds feel to it and is followed swiftly by I Don’t Mind and Wait A Minute, where the atmosphere is build up delicate in the early stages of the song. Dance Floor Mayhem, the title-track has that modern Killers vibe “Dust off your shoes..” which ends the EP off perfectly. This EP has a nice emotive feel to it, a sound that has been missing for many a year in many a clear-cut sounding classic rock formula. With Duncan Richardson’s very recognisable guitar work, and Rob Reece on bass and vocals this EP is an EP which will warm us up nicely for the forthcoming album.

It’s an EP that you want to hear live – although that pesky virus has put a stop to that one for the meantime. But that is surely only a delay and now, with their third member Kriss James sandwiched in nicely, perhaps Autumn has finally arrived…

Well done Gentleman.



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